Karen Hiltbrunner

International Stage Name:

Karen Wong-Dorall

Karen Ann Hiltbrunner grew up in Singapore, where she enjoyed a spirited, multi-cultural upbringing which inherently deepened her love and curiosity for life and nature, especially surrounding the infinite variety of people and their stories. Her talent for expression, presenting, singing and acting was discovered at the age of 8, when she was cast as a witch in Shakespeare’s Macbeth in her primary school play. 30 years on, she still feels that unmistakable, intoxicating thrill every time she performs.


Drawn to the stage, Karen pursued acting and English language education at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and graduated in 2001 with first-class honours in Drama and Performance and English Language. During this time, she honed her performance skills as she collaborated on numerous stage productions, both scripted and self-devised, often taking on lead roles. As a trained English and Drama educator, she has also worked professionally in local and international schools within Singapore, Austria and Switzerland.


Several years after relocating to Europe, learning German and adjusting to a new life with a growing family abroad, Karen once again realised her calling to act, and boldly began her foray into film acting in 2017.


A graduate of Mountview Academy in London (MA Acting), Karen has worked professionally for a variety of stage, film and advertisement projects and performs under the international stage name Karen Wong-Dorall. She cherishes exploration and doesn’t take herself too seriously in those affairs, though she is painstakingly diligent in striving for her best in performance. Capturing real emotions drives Karen, and it is this potent aspect of authenticity she fearlessly strives for.

Karen Hiltbrunner Acting & Teaching C.V.
Karen Hiltbrunner Acting and Teaching C.
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